Optimize your documentation with Confluence

Sharing knowledge

Shared knowledge advances teams and entire organizations. If you keep your customers up to date, everyone can benefit from it.

Promote collaboration

From the first idea to the detailed description. Everything takes place in one place and everyone can participate!

Find information

Find and use information instead of time-consuming searches. Simple structures and a sophisticated search help the whole team to find information quickly and keep it up to date.

Our solutions

Atlassian Confluence

Optimize your documentation

Direct and without obligation

Let us discuss your optimization potential directly.
In a 1-2 hour session, our knowledge management specialists will be happy to show you the ways in which you can optimize your documentation technically and / or methodically.

Advice and coaching

We let our many years of experience with Confluence flow into your individual advice. As soon as we know your challenges, we will show you our solution options. From specific advice to predefined packages, everything is possible, for example:

  • Quick Start Package - 2-day assessment of your documentation with specific improvement options
  • App advice - which extensions increase your efficiency

Get started with Confluence

Would you like to get to know Confluence or do you need support in maintaining it or adapting it to your needs? We will be happy to help you:

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Get more out of your documentation, we'll help you.

Your documentation is the treasure of your shared knowledge. We help you with the efficient creation and sustainable use of your documentation. We support you with our project experience from the conceptual structure of your knowledge management through various methodical approaches of documentation to the technical configuration and the operation of your Confluence projects.

Project and product documentation

Ideally, there are no rigid boundaries between your various documentations. We support you from the sketching of an original idea to the meaningful description of a product or service. The following is a selection of helpful methodological approaches to maintain documentation in a goal-oriented and sustainable manner:

Confluence for documentation

Thanks to Confluence, you can rely on the latest technology in knowledge management. Discover all of our knowledge management services.

Features that take your documentation to the next level are:

  • Templates for templates for uniform use
  • Smart scan
  • Direct Jira integration
Confluence as a knowledge database
Confluence teamwork

A collaboration platform

All information in one place. Tasks, questions up to brainstorming ...
Get in direct contact with the entire team, precisely where the joint work is. You are supported by:

  • Simultaneous editing
  • Various comment functions with direct addressing of people
  • Project plans and procedure lists

offer help

Easily share your knowledge with your customers and employees. Via the service portal of Jira Service Management your knowledge articles reach even more people!

Confluence as a knowledge base

Aroused interest?

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Tutorial - Confluence Cloud and Jira Software Cloud

Confluence and Jira can fundamentally change the way teams work when combined. They can be integrated in many ways, for example by embedding Jira issues in Confluence pages and linking Confluence pages in Jira tickets. This integration offers numerous benefits, such as improved processes, simplified collaboration, and increased efficiency.