Intranet - more than the daily browser entry?

Depending on the size of the company, the intranet is not necessarily the number one topic. With increasing growth, however, there are more and more topics that you want to communicate to employees in a simple way. In the beginning, a Slack channel or an email to everyone is sufficient (which is probably only flown over or ends up in the trash can). People know each other and a list of all contact details in Excel (or hopefully in Confluence) is sufficient.

Symbolic picture - insight through the social intranet jungle.

Features that every intranet needs

Before we show you our top 3 intranet solutions, let's first take a look at the features that make up a modern intranet. The requirements for an intranet can vary depending on the company. However, our experience shows that the following properties "Most wanted" are:

News / publications
Central information can be called up centrally. When sending an email, there is a risk that the information will be lost or deleted. A publication makes it possible to find internal news in one place and read it at the right time.

Personal profiles
Are there colleagues who speak Spanish? Do we have a Jira specialist in-house? At which location is Ms. Müller based? All these questions can be answered in a few minutes if the information is already stored in the intranet.

Corporate design
An appealing corporate design increases identification with the company and invites employees to share content. In addition, you are usually greeted by the intranet homepage at the beginning of the working day.

Social Media - Comments und Likes
Elements such as likes and comments show employees that their opinion is in demand and wanted. In addition, in most cases it leads to new ideas and constant improvements. Collaboration is king.

A strong search that finds relevant content within a short time through the entire content is an absolute must for a functional intranet. Keywording and different filter options increase efficiency and save employees a lot of time.

Intuitive navigation
With global navigation, the different topics of the intranet can be arranged in a structured overview.

The bigger the company, the more topics are published on the intranet. What interests the accounting department is not of equal importance to the IT department. With personalized elements, employees feel better taken care of and see greater personal benefit.

In Switzerland in particular, many companies have sites in multiple regions where different languages are spoken or are part of a globally active group. A multilingual intranet underscores the diversity of such a company and is sure to earn sympathy points among employees.

Confluence - the perfect basis for your modern intranet

Confluence has already proven itself to be a very intuitive and clear tool for knowledge management. Thanks to some Atlassian Marketplace solutions, Confluence can be transformed into a modern intranet in no time at all. We would like to introduce you to our top favorites:

Linchpin Intranet Suite

Whether you want individual features or the whole package, Linchpin makes it easy to tailor the configuration to your needs (Linchpin offers a range of individual apps but also Total package in the Marketplace). We like the following features:

  • Customized user profiles
  • Corporate design with just one click
  • Micro Blog - Small news with big impact!
Linchpin - Atlassian intranet solution

Refined for Confluence | Sites & Themes

Design but with a little something extra - with Refined you hardly recognize Confluence. Areas can be grouped into individual sites and thus bring the focus on the relevant topics. A nice detail: you don't have to be a designer to make it look really good. Top features that please us about this app:

  • Toolkit which makes the content more beautiful
  • Possibility to have several navigations in one instance
  • Blog areas without additional content
Refined - Atlassian intranet solution

Enterprise Theme for Confluence

At this point we are of course proud to be able to introduce a Swiss product! Enterprise Theme for Confluence offers a great feature package that transforms Confluence into a clear social intranet. Here are a few features that we really like:

  • “Landing page” view
  • Birthday Macro - never miss a cake again  
  • Header and Footer - Global and Area Specific
Enterprise Theme - Atlassian Intranet Solution

Ready to get more out of Confluence? We are on board!

We are happy to support you in modernizing your intranet. Benefit from

  • Our experience in building intranet solutions with various tools
  • Our know-how in conceptual and methodological topics relating to communication and collaboration
  • Our partnerships with the leading manufacturers of intranet apps in the Atlassian Marketplace

We would be happy to discuss your current situation and your intranet-related needs in an online meeting:

Author: Anja Zhuchkova

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