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Swarmit held a webinar on November 4th, 2021 about the latest Xray features! Regardless of whether you took part in the webinar live or not, you can access all webinar documents directly here:

The aim of the webinar was to explain the new functions of Xray for Server / Data Center and the Atlassian Cloud:

  • Test case parameterization
  • Modular test design
  • Document Generator
  • Test automation features

as well as further updates and a look at the Xray Roadmap were presented by Pascal Stiefel and Michael Vils.

The most important takeouts of this webinar are listed here:

1. The advantages of the test case parameterization

  • The maintenance effort for test goods can be significantly reduced.
  • The equivalence class tests can easily be specified, which increases the test coverage with the same number of test cases.
  • Test data management can be mapped with dependencies.
  • Test data combinations are created automatically (all combinations)

Our tip: We recommend that you handle data that is «test environment dependent» carefully. More on this in the Xray documentation.

2. The advantages of the modular test design

  • The maintenance effort for test goods as well as the redundant ones for process descriptions can be reduced.

Our tip: Use modular test design in combination with the parameterization described above.

3. The advantages of the Document Generator

  • Customized reports can be created very easily.  
  • The Document Generator is now also available in Agile Boards, Test Repository All and Orphans.

Our tip: It is good to know that the Document Generator can be deactivated by the admin. In addition, all functionality for all issue types can be used with the app Xporter to be used.

4. Test automation features

We will soon be dedicating a separate webinar to the topic of test automation with Xray. Sounds interesting? Then register for webinar updates right away.

Here is a list of the many new features of Xray in the field of test automation

  • Support Robot Framework 4.0
  • Extensions JSON format import
  • Junit Extension improvements
  • Cucumber examples multiple table
You can find more information about the services mentioned in the webinar directly via the following links:

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