AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Swarmit AG is certified AWS Select Partner and analyzes together with you which advantages Amazon Web Services offer you. Among other things, what financial impact the use of Amazon Web Services has for your company and how a migration of your apps can be carried out.

AWS Consulting Partner

Cloud Adoption

Our consultants support your company with specialist knowledge and help you define a cloud strategy in order to achieve positive changes.

Consulting and Control | Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) | Security | Operating models

Cloud Automation

Automation is equated with warranty and efficiency. Program code is not read incorrectly. We create solutions for you on which you can build your business.

Infrastructure as Code | CI / CD | Cloud Formation | Terraform | Containerization | Automation Risks | Compliance Framework

Cloud Capacity

We keep your cloud clean and increase your cost efficiency. Supported by the AWS services, your company can save costs enormously.

Channel / Resell | Expense Management | Cost Optimization | Reserved Instances | Cost Calculation | Architecture Optimization

Cloud Control

With every solution we create, we try to automate ourselves out of the picture. But we're always there for you: whether it's technical or moral support. We support your team, even if it's not ready for the cloud.

Management Services | Incident and Change Management | Security | Reporting | SLAs

Cloud Competence

It's not enough for us to know everything about the cloud - we want your business to know it too. We help you build a cloud-based business.

Workshops | Cloud Competence | Bootcamps | Training

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