Epic in Jira

3 Epic changes to the Epic in Jira

The task type "Epic" has been around for quite a while in the default setup of Jira and at least since version 7 of Jira it has been a fixed part of project templates with an agile approach (Kanban or Scrum). We describe 3 ways Epic (and related configurations) have changed or will change in the future. [...]

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Swarmit success story: process optimization in scheduling

Process optimization in scheduling

Disposing of goods from the order via the warehouse to the customer sounds simple, but it is a complex task with many dependencies in the process. This was also the case for our Swarmit customer, whose core activity is the disposition of disposal goods and contacted us because it was still organized via Excel. [...]

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Swarmit QSMed success story

Success story: Quality testing at QSMed

Quality management in a medical practice involves a large number of work instructions, processes and checklists to ensure that quality standards in the areas of medicines, hygiene, equipment and staff can be met by the practice team. Find out how we digitized this for our customer QSMed in this report. [...]

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