Jira software

Digitize your agile processes and projects now with Jira software and make them transparent for your whole organization!


Track the status of all tasks: Business processes can be tracked with the extensive Workflow-functionality of Jira individually digitized and thanks to Automationswhich are implemented by means of a pleasant user interface in the basic functionality, can be automated.

With different Operation types (for example, Epic, Story, Task, and more), the individual tasks can be more deeply defined and hierarchized, while the workflows can be different for all of them.

Swarmit INTERN Task Management Workflow
Swarmit Jira Software - Planning and Collaboration

Planning and collaboration

Tasks and user stories can be transparently visualizes and coordinated with the whole team and Edited can be created. Furthermore, various reports as well as dashboards are available in order to Reporting visualize on different levels.

Visible on the picture: The Kanban board.

Agile methods

Jira provides the different teams with different templates that support the following agile ways of working:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Bug Tracking
  • DevOps

The picture shows the backlog of a Scrum board.

Swarmit Jira Software - Agile Method
Swarmit - Jira for the most different team

Jira for the most diverse teams

Originally, Jira software was built for development teams and has accordingly made a name for itself in that scene. In the meantime, however, Jira can also be found in a wide range of teams with other, non-IT-typical processes. Thus, HR processes such as employee onboarding or marketing processes such as event planning can also be successfully implemented in Jira, to name just a few. If interested see also Success Stories.

In the picture: Our own Swarmit Marketing project, in which tasks are recorded and events are planned.

Integration of further tools and functionalities

Jira can also be used to easily integrate other tool landscapes such as Confluence as a knowledge database (read more here) or Microsoft and many more integrate.

Is there a functionality you are not looking for? No problem, in the Atlassian universe you will find 5000+ Third-party applicationswhich can be added to meet the various requirements. As Swarmit, we are close partners of some app manufacturers and can also provide optimal support.

Swarmit integration of further tools and functionalities

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Swarmit success story: process optimization in scheduling

Process optimization in scheduling

By Yvonne Sutter | April 20, 2022

Disposing of goods from the order via the warehouse to the customer sounds simple, but it is a complex task with many dependencies in the process. This was also the case for our Swarmit customer, whose core activity is the disposition of disposal goods and contacted us because it was still organized via Excel. [...]

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Jira Cloud vs. Jira Data Center

Jira Cloud

Depending on the subscription, Jira offers additional, exciting functionalities. We have gladly provided you with an overview of the main Differences created:


:check_mark: Basic functionalities


:check_mark: Basic functionalities


:check_mark: Project Roles

:check_mark: extended permissions

:check_mark: selectable data residence

:check_mark: 250 GB file storage


:check_mark: Standard functionalities


:check_mark: extended overview plans for several teams (roadmaps)

:check_mark: cross-project process automation

:check_mark: Capacity planning

:check_mark: Test environment

:check_mark: IP-Positive list

:check_mark: unlimited storage space


:check_mark: Premium functionalities


:check_mark: Unlimited instances

:check_mark: unlimited automations

:check_mark: cross-instance analyses

:check_mark: Atlassian Access (SSO, AD synchronization) included

Swarmit - Jira Software Data Incentive

Data residency

The data of the Atlassian Cloud are basically in the regions of USA, Germany, Ireland, Singapore and Australia hosted.

By default, "global" is set on an instance. This can be changed on request to a specific region reduzieren. Zusätzlich gibt es Dritt-Anbieter-Apps, welche die Datenresidenz deiner Instanz auf die Schweiz ändern können. Nimm gerne hierfür mit uns Kontakt auf.

Jira Data Center (on-premise)

For large enterprises (500+ employees) in a rather restrictive environment that blocks the move to the cloud, Atlassian offers the on-premise solution Data Center. The Data Center variant basically comes with the same functionalities as the cloud solution, but offers one or two minor differences in handling. The advantage is that you have full control over your environment and also if you want to do a version upgrade and which one.

Swarmit kann für dich nicht nur die Lizenzbeschaffung übernehmen, sondern bietet dir auch den Service, die on-premise Lösung zu supporten, die jeweiligen Upgrades durchzuführen und, falls gewünscht, sogar für dich in der Schweiz zu hosten. Für Swiss Hosting sind here more information available.

Swarmit_On Premise Jira Data Center

Are you now asking yourself whether cloud or Data Center is the better solution for your company? We are happy to advise you and also support migrations.


Prices for Jira software are as follows:


The price at Cloud depends on:

  • Number of users

  • appropriate subscription

  • monthly or annual billing


For up to 10 users Jira software is available for free.


up to $7.75 per user per month

With a higher number of users the price decreases!


up to $15.25 per user per month

With a higher number of users the price decreases!


from CHF 133'600

Data Center

The price at Data Center depends on the number of users (minimum number: 500 users). Data Center is from $42'000 per year available.

By the way, at Swarmit all prices are always charged in Swiss Francs. Please feel free to contact us for a concrete offer contact us now.

Aroused interest?

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Tutorial - Confluence Cloud and Jira Software Cloud

Confluence and Jira can fundamentally change the way teams work when combined. They can be integrated in many ways, for example by embedding Jira issues in Confluence pages and linking Confluence pages in Jira tickets. This integration offers numerous benefits, such as improved processes, simplified collaboration, and increased efficiency.