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IT security made easy! Snyk finds and solves security vulnerabilities quickly and easily. Developers and security officers alike benefit from Snyk's security intelligence solutions.

DevSecOps integrated in Atlassian

Security Scans seamlessly integrated into your DevOps pipeline. Swarmit has the methodological and technical knowledge to support you in the selection and integration of a suitable DevOps architecture. As a partner of Atlassian and Snyk, we are happy to show you the possibilities. The following tools have a native Snyk integration:

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Jira software

Swarmit Bitbucket


Swarmit Opsgenie


Built-in security

Every developer is part of the Security Team
Snyk supports a variety of programming languages and integrates seamlessly with existing tools and pipelines.

High usability and simple dashboards enable all stakeholders to gain insight. From the developer to the product owner to the CISO.

Find the vulnerabilities in the Open Source Components
Know dependencies and quickly fix security vulnerabilities. Fully automated, always!

DevSecOps with Atlassian
Atlassian has entered into a strategic partnership with Snyk to make DevSecOps even easier.

How we support you:

Swarmit combines DevOps and security testing expertise with the technical know-how of an Atlassian and Snyk implementation partner.

Typical services related to Snyk are:

  • Support with evaluation and proof of value - Book your demo right now!
  • Integration and configuration of Snyk in your pipline
  • Built-in Quality and DevSecOps Concepts

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