Atlassian Licenses

We support you in choosing the right license strategy

Consulting included - we are happy to explain the various licensing models to you and find a suitable solution for you. Contact us for a free consultation.

We make sure that you use exactly the Atlassian licenses that meet your requirements. Starting with support on buying your first Atlassian licenses to upgrades, ongoing management and optimization.

Atlassian will end the sale and support for all of its Server products in 2024!

New licenses for Atlassian server products are no longer available, still possible:
- Adding apps from the Atlassian Marketplace
- Adjustment of the number of licensed users

Atlassian will discontinue support for its server products in February 2024. Find out the most important details about this change in our Blog post.

We would like to show you what kind of upgrade and migration options you have if you want to move to Atlassian's Cloud or Data Center products. We can also show you which discounts are offered by Atlassian and what costs will arise for you.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Swarmit
  • We support you personally when choosing new Atlassian licenses.
  • Simplify your license administration with the harmonization of all licence periods.
  • Plan your migration to the Atlassian Cloud or Data Center. We would love to explain the associated investment to you.
  • You can get an invoice in Swiss Francs.

Which licenses are you interested in?

All details about: Jira licenses and Jira prices, Confluence licenses and Confluence prices.

We help you to optimize the use of all Atlassian tools and their costs, such as: Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Align, Jira Service Management (Jira Service Desk), Opsgenie, Statuspage, Trello, Bitbucket, Bamboo, etc.

Data center prices

Atlassian has expanded its data center products to include various apps and functions via February 01, 2021 expanded. The current list prices can be found below.
You can find more information about the functionality of Data Center on our Data Center topic page.

Jira Software Pricing Data Center

Atlassian Jira Software
Users List price for subscription
1-500 USD 42,000
501-1'000 USD 72,000
1'001-2'000 USD 120,000
2'001-3'000 USD 165,000
3'001-4'000 USD 210,000
4'001-5'000 USD 255,000
5'001-6'000 USD 300,000
6'001-7'000 USD 345,000
7'001-8'000 USD 390,000
8'001-9'000 USD 435,000
9'001-10'000 USD 480,000
10'001-15'000 USD 525,000
15'001-20'000 USD 570,000
20'001-25'000 USD 615,000
25'001-30'000 USD 660,000
30'001-35'000 USD 705,000
35'001-40'000 USD 750,000
40'001-45'000 USD 795,000
45'001-50'000 USD 840,000
Unlimited USD 885,000

Confluence Pricing Data Center

Atlassian Confluence
Users List price for subscription
1-500 USD 27,000
501-1'000 USD 48,000
1'001-2'000 USD 84,000
2'001-3'000 USD 126,000
3'001-4'000 USD 168,000
4'001-5'000 USD 210,000
5'001-10'000 USD 230,000
10'001-15'000 USD 250,000
15'001-20'000 USD 270,000
20'001-25'000 USD 290,000
25'001-30'000 USD 310,000
30'001-35'000 USD 330,000
35'001-40'000 USD 350,000
Unlimited USD 370,000

Jira Service Management (Jira Service Desk) Pricing Data Center

Atlassian Jira Service Desk
Users List price for subscription
1-50 USD 17,200
51-100 USD 28,600
101-250 USD 51,500
251-500 USD 85,800
501-750 USD 120,100
751-1'000 USD 154,400
1'001-2'000 USD 188,800
2'001-3'000 USD 223,100
3'001-4'000 USD 257,400
4'001-5'000 USD 291,700
5'001-6'000 USD 326,000
6'001-7'000 USD 360'400
7'001-8'000 USD 394,700
8'001-9'000 USD 429,000
9'001-10'000 USD 463,300
10'001-11'000 USD 497,600
11'001-12'000 USD 532,000
12'001-13'000 USD 566,300
13'001-14'000 USD 600,600
Unlimited USD 643,500

Our License Management Services

  • Support in choosing the right licenses
  • Consulting on switching to Cloud or Data Center (e.g. Jira Data Center Migration)
  • Extension of maintenance periods (e.g. extend Jira license)
  • Support with the evaluation of apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. What are the right apps for your requirements.
  • Assessment of your existing license portfolio

Atlassian Products

Atlassian Jira Software
Atlassian Jira Service Desk
Atlassian status page
Atlassian Bamboo
Atlassian Jira Align
Atlassian Jira Core
Atlassian Confluence
Atlassian Bitbucket