Success story: Quality testing at QSMed

Quality management in a medical practice involves a variety of work instructions, processes and checklists to ensure that quality standards in the areas of medicines, hygiene, equipment and personnel can be met by the practice team. How we do this for our customer QSMed have digitized, you will learn in this report.

Opening a medical practice presents various challenges. As their patients, we implicitly assume compliance with all rules and standards.

However, the quality management required for this is not a task that can be completed once. Rather, it involves recurring activities and checks, the correct execution of which is a mandatory prerequisite for compliance with legal requirements.

Our client QSMed helps dental and medical practices meet all requirements in a proactive and efficient manner.

In the past, a federal folder with work instructions and checklists geared to the specific needs of the customer was developed for this purpose.

In close cooperation, we have now succeeded in digitizing both the effort required to provide the tools and the execution of the necessary activities to such an extent that not only a massive time saving but also a simplification of the nevertheless rather complex processes could take place.

Instead of the federal folder, the customer is now provided with a portal tailored to his needs. With the use of Confluence as a content management system, the initial effort is now largely automated and therefore shortened many times over. Due to the apps available in Confluence, the portal functions can be continuously expanded and adapted to customer-specific needs.

In addition to the function for the speedy management of structured content, Confluence has various options for automating workflows. These made it possible not only to automate the triggering of tasks to be performed on a regular basis, but also to accelerate the activities required therein and to store their documentation in a way that is traceable for all stakeholders.

"I was extremely positively surprised at how little effort and, above all, how easily my digitization potential could be tapped. As a result of this very pleasant collaboration, I am now also able to expand my solution independently."

Dr. Markus Fehr, QSMed

Convinced that this success story can be repeated in a multitude of other use cases, we are continuously adding to our process automation capabilities and tools.

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Xenia Schmidt, Swarmit AG & Matthias Sturzenegger, Infometis AG

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