Plan Your Atlassian Server to Cloud Migration

Support for Atlassian Server products is coming to an end soon. With only a few months left until February 15, 2024, the time has come for users of Atlassian Server products to start planning their successor solution. Whether cloud or Data Center, we can help you take the next steps! Many [...]

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Swarmit Blogpost - Jira is an automation genius

Jira is an automation genius

Automating tasks to reduce manual work and minimize input errors is a core component of Jira. This type of automation is also one of Swarmit's core competencies.
Erik listed concrete examples and implementation approaches in a blog post that we have implemented at our cloud customers in recent months. [...]

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Epic in Jira

3 Epic changes to the Epic in Jira

The task type "Epic" has been around for quite a while in the default setup of Jira and at least since version 7 of Jira it has been a fixed part of project templates with an agile approach (Kanban or Scrum). We describe 3 ways Epic (and related configurations) have changed or will change in the future. [...]

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