Appvent Calender 2022: 4 Tutorials for every Appvent

Swarmit Appvent Calendar 2022

During the Appvents period, Michael Vils, Joël Fazan, Xenia Schmidt and Christian Pfister recorded four surprise tutorials.
In these recordings, interesting features that you might not know yet are shown and explained. We hope that these short demos will be helpful and maybe arouse your interest!

Happy 1st Appvent
In this tutorial Michael Vils shows you three interesting tips and tricks for the Structure App by Tempo for Atlassian Jira. Structure helps you to visualize and manage the progress of projects and teams in Jira. A super tool for portfolio management, project management or status reporting in your organization. Organize and visualize your projects the way you need!

Happy 2nd Appvent
In this video, Joël from Team Swarmit Romandie introduces us to the File Field application developed by our partner Apwide.
File Field is a new type of Atlassian Jira Custom Field that allows you to better organize your attachments and build workflows. The latest version opens new horizons with the possibility to upload multiple files to the same Custom Field.

Happy 3rd Appvent
In this Youtube video tutorial Xenia Schmidt shows you how to create the Jira Service Management Forms and use them profitably for your customer portal or ITSM service desk. This video will help you to understand and compare the difference between the normal JSM Service Request and the JSM forms. This will help you a lot to increase your Jira Service Catalog and customer satisfaction. With this Jira Service Management Knowledge you can easily and effectively create dynamic requests without the help of your Jira administrator. We would like to show you an example of an active form used on our Swarmit Service Desk, as well as compare it to the commonly known Service Requests. This is a great tool for any ITSM team to easily use dynamic forms.

Happy 4th Appvent
In this tutorial Christian Pfister shows you how to completely rename the Epic in a Jira Data Center instance and how to extend the structure in Advanced Roadmaps to have additional layers above the Epic.

We wish you a happy Appventszeit!

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